who i am

in an introduction scenario, i often throw all my cards onto the table. i was born in the uk, i know every corner of tāmaki makaurau, my love life is constantly in shambles, no i will never dye my hair, yes i live and breathe second hand, would you like me to extensively detail my ailments? i want you to know all of me so that perhaps you can learn something from my chaos and save yourself in times of stress. but for now, these are the basics. i am currently twenty-two and based in the best city in aotearoa. i somehow managed to finesse a BA in history and english and an honours degree in history. i am currently doing my MA, in which i plan to talk about the rocky horror picture show for thirty-five thousand words. my bookshelves are crammed with literary fiction and feminist essays, most of which i have yet to read. my top spotify genre of 2021 was showtunes, and the last time i cried was sobbing my lungs out to tick, tick… boom. i want to finally use this space properly. we shall see how that turns out.

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